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Who are We?

At the end of the decade of the sixties, in 1969, a group of Dominican engineers, along with highly trained technicians and specialists in the electromechanical field, mostly university professors and researchers, had the courage audacity to found a company to respond to national needs and demands of that field, developing thatIEMCA, Division of Generation and Transmission: Dedicated to the construction, erection and start-up of power plants, such as hydro, thermal; Keeping a respect to engineering rigorous  standards and professional ethics, along with the Country’s progress and development future in mind and of course the welfare of it’s communitiesAll this through a combination of our human resources, scientific capacity and the most advanced technique of electromechanical engineering capable.


Professional Work

IEMCA is a service institution dedicated in it’s area to design, consulting, technical consulting, constructionelectrical and mechanical installations and rehabilitation of production plants.

The company is undoubtedly the largest and most important the country. We can say that it is the only national company to have made, from A to Z, all the hydroelectric projects in the electromechanical part and not just once but several times.